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Beginners Guide to Patternform

Please use it should a lot more stable than my virginmedia account (It might take upto 48hr for it to be seen by everyone). It is the site to use, until I can get back up and running.


I've been asked to produce the mapping of Racecourses - to - Surface/Configuration

Racing Post
I would encourage all Patternform users to subscribe to the Racing Post Members Club. For all it's failings it's a superb repository of racing data and ratings. I'm amazed that it was free for so long and the 14.50 a month for the standard membership doesn't seem too much to pay

Martin Cooper put up an useful looking video of one way to use Patternform and another race analysed

Patternform Cards - 14 Dec 14 ............... Moneyform Cards - 14 Dec 14 ...............
Patternform Cards - 15 Dec 14 ............... Moneyform Cards - 15 Dec 14 ...............
Patternform Cards - 16 Dec 14 ............... Moneyform Cards - 16 Dec 14 ...............

A few words about DOBBING and MONEYFORM cards
Advance DOBBING techniques
The Moneyform cards have been updated with the coloured codes from the Dobbing overview cards.
What Is MONEYFORM - and how to use it
Dobbing Overview Cards 14 Dec 14 (old format) Dobbing Overview Cards 14 Dec 14
Dobbing Overview Cards 15 Dec 14 (old format) Dobbing Overview Cards 15 Dec 14
Dobbing Overview Cards 16 Dec 14 (old format) Dobbing Overview Cards 16 Dec 14
Formbet (WIN Stats) - Sunday Formbet (DOB stats) - Sunday
Formbet (WIN Stats) - Monday Formbet (DOB stats) - Monday
Formbet (WIN Stats) - Tuesday Formbet (DOB stats) - Tuesday
Patternform Forum
Forum member Devasteve pops in when he can with superb race analysis and selections: Click here to take a peek
To join the forum use the "Click here to contact PatternForm" button at the bottom of this page to email the webmaster and I'll send you the link to enable you to join - sorry it's such a pain but it's an anti spam measure
Facebook group is also still open: Patternform on facebook

BHA - Toolbox
Going Forecast (BHA)
Non-runners (BHA)
Why they Ran Badly (BHA)
Links to other sites
Archived Patternform cards (upto Sep 14 added)
Flat racing Explained - Updated 24 January 2011 with:  Naming Horses (Chap XIV) & Tipsters (Chap XV)